Moving Online!

How times have changed, two months ago most of us wouldn't have a chat in front of a computer screen, and probably wouldn't know how either! Fast forward to today and Zoom seems to have taken the world by storm. It just shows how adaptable we have been to embrace these confusing times and there are definitely benefits of getting used to electronic socialising and fitness.

As Boris said the other day, nothing is changing very much and for gyms and studios it will be a while before they are allowed to welcome clients through the door. The good thing about teaching Pilates, is that all you really ever need is a comfortable space to move around in. It could be inside your home or out in the garden in the sunshine. Barefoot or with socks, and something comfortable to move freely in such as leggings and a teeshirt - perfect.

Pilates has so many health benefits (have a peak through my website to find out) and one really impressive one is the mental health and stress relief benefits that come of it. A good stretch of the muscles and mind, and some time out for you is all you need to release that tension, allow the shoulders to release and all the worry lines to drift off for a while as you switch off from the world and

perfect the exercises.

I am thankful to be able to now move to the world of teaching Pilates LIVE on Zoom. I aim to have minimal props, at the most perhaps a towel and a cushion but the aim here is to show you that you can learn to practise Pilates and reap the benefits in your own home and maintain some routine and normality by adding a few of the exercises and stretches you learn from class to your day.

If you would like to try a class and and experience what Pilates can do for you - check out my Pop Up classes coming up this month.

Please get in touch if you would like to join in!

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