Private Reformer Pilates sessions start at Northallerton Osteopaths Monday 12th April Introductory offer from 12th April to 31st May £40 per session (usual price £45). Click here to book. Group classes restart Monday 17th May and continue to be online until then.

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What are the benefits?

Pilates teaches you to realign your body and strengthen from within, improving all over mobility and fitness. Pilates exercises focus on allowing your body to articulate sequentially which improves mobility and releases tension. As you move more, your muscles strengthen and lengthen with the result of a more streamlined body. You may find your clothes fit better, even if you have not lost weight. Pilates improves your sleep, reduces stress and helps you to move more freely. Seeing and feeling the benefits of Pilates will give you a positive sense of wellbeing.

Find the session that suits you

Build your confidence. Move with ease.

In a group class or individual session, you will learn about healthy movement. Often, clients can be nervous to move, in fear of pain reoccurring from a previous injury or illness. By applying a positive mindset and being open to how Pilates can help, you are taking control. This can be a very liberating practise which will improve your self confidence.

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Stay mobile. With light hearted fun.

Work to your own ability, or simply to how you feel on the day. Moving a little is better than not at all, as the joints lubricate with movement - and that is what they need to stay mobile and strong. The classes are light hearted and laughter is encouraged - it releases Endorphins - the happy hormone!

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