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Helen Dixon Pilates is a friendly and inclusive Reformer studio in the West End of Darlington focussed on helping people to live fuller, happier, healthier lives.


Feel strong, flexibile & balanced with Pilates

Reduce or rid yourself completely from low back pain / joint pain with specialised small group reformer classes.  


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Hi! I'm Helen...

I've been teaching Pilates for over 7 years now after realising that it's the only form of exercise that I kept coming back to in order to feel better when I've injured myself.

From experience, when going to health care providers with low back pain / aches & pains I found myself paying alot of money to be stretched and 'cracked' back into place, but with no idea what to do afterwards.  When I began to move regularly and took up Pilates, the aches disappeared over time.  Pilates and exercise reduce inflammation, increase your range of motion and strengthen your whole body.

I made Pilates on the mat & reformer a regular practise, whether it is at home, on line or at my small group reformer studio in Darlington.

Working with me...

I love working with clients and helping them to have more confidence in what their bodies can do.  Whether you are dealing with chronic low back pain, rehabilitating from injury or recovering from surgery, there are many ways you can feel better with movement.  

The best thing to do in most cases when you are in pain, is to keep moving.  I will work with you to find out what works for your body, and with each class you will improve your strength, flexibility and balance which will reduce or irradicate your pain and make you feel much better in both mind and body.

Coming to a large class can sometimes be overwhelming.  This is why I like to teach a range of classes that suit my clients.  I have group mat classes in Darlington, Neasham & Romanby, and specialised small group reformer classes in my reformer studio in Darlington.  With no more than 3 to a reformer class, the vibe is relaxing, fun and you'll have more individual attention.  You'll be encouraged to move at your own pace and with good layering of the exercises, you can be sure you'll find the perfect level for you on the day.


Helen trained initially with Body Control Pilates in London in 2017 and is qualified to teach Mat, Reformer, Tower & Chair.  She teaches evidence based Pilates & movement and qualified as a Clinical Pilates teacher with Breathe Education.  

Most recently she has completed Clinical Club with Heath Lander of Contrology Collective, and continues to enhance her knowledge with him, mastering the Reformer with wonderful teachers around the world.

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