What is pilates...?

Pilates was invented in the 1920s by Joseph Pilates with his dream being that every body would use his method to increase overall strength, flexibility, balance and wellbeing.  He was a strong man, and designed exercises to help injured dancers in New York improve their form.  Pilates has continued to gain popularity over the years and is now said to be the best form of exercise to alleviate conditions such as chronic low back pain.

How can it help you?

People often feel it's normal to struggle on with pain, saying it is part of getting older.  As we age, our bodies change.  Muscle mass and bone density reduce.  Our joints and ligaments become less flexible.  We feel aches and pains more than when we were younger.  

Pilates & exercise is an amazing tonic for this!  Not only is it essential for taking us through the years but it boosts our strength, and flexibility.  We need more resistence work to build muscle mass and bone strength.  We need balance work to help to stay upright and walk without the worry of falling (which is sadly, what happens to alot of people as they age and don't exercise).

Pilates and exercise boosts your mood, improves your sleep quality and gives you confidence.  You'll reduce your chance of developing serious health conditions such as obesity, diabetes and stroke if you exercise.

Pilates and exercise will reduce your chance of injury, and will speed up the rehabilitation process and build you up  both pre & post surgery and pregancy.

By adding load gradually using the Pilates on the mat, reformer & equipment you will feel stronger and be able to get back to the activities you miss.

The Reformer & Tower 

The Reformer

Reformer Pilates is an excellent form of exercise that will improve strength, range of movement and control/balance.  The mix of stretches and strength work that the reformer provides makes it a perfect way to improve fitness, reduce stress & clients often say they feel invigorated after a session.

Helen Dixon Pilates has 3 Balanced Body Studio Reformers, 1 Tower & 1 Chair and is the first and only group reformer/equipment studio in Darlington!

The Tower/Half Cadillac

The Tower can facilitate many of the more challenging original exercises such as the roll up and teaser, giving support and feedback in the movement.  The springs can feel different on the Tower and there will be more muscle activation exercises such as arm/leg work. There are many options for a good stretch and release session, and clients love it.

All mat & reformer / equipment classes are 50 minutes long.

Please note the Reformer studio is up one flight of stairs and there are no lifts.  

There is parking available for clients behind the building and street parking in front and in surrounding streets.  Please be considerate for residents in the area.