Small group reformer

With a maximum of 4 a class, you can be sure you will have my care and attention.  Once you get to grips with the reformer you'll be encouraged to choose your own springs and level to work at.  

These specialised small group classes are in my fully equipped reformer studio in Blackwell Business Centre, Darlington.  The vibe is chilled, we support one another and have some laughter amid the exercises.  The beauty of small group classes is you can be sure of the attention and care you deserve, with the ability to scale up and down as to how you feel on the day.  

With layered exercises you won't feel left behind, everyone has the freedom to choose when to progress.  

A blend of stretches among some stronger exercises will allow you to get the perfect endorphin boost.

Beginners and pre / post natal are very welcome.  I am clinically trained and teach with the most up to date evidence so that you feel looked after.

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1:1 / rehab

Working on a 1:1 basis is perfect for those of you who need a little extra support and to take things at your own pace.  You are invited to set personal goals, and use a movement programme that you can continue at home to boost your strength, balance and flexibility.  

You will have access to the reformer and tower which are all designed with the rehabilitation client in mind.

In your first class, we will discuss your needs and previous history/ injures.  We will then move on to the movement portion of the class.

Great for: everyone, beginners, rehab, pre and post natal, athletes, specific conditions.

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1:2, 1:3, 1:4 Private reformer

Training with friends and family can be so much fun!  You'll each have your own reformer and move with each other.  These classes are popular with clients who enjoy reformer pilates already and want to introduce their friends and family to it, it often becomes a regular practise to enjoy.  

Great for:  Everyone, beginners, pre & post natal, rehabilitation, specific training goals, runners, cyclists etc for a more bespoke class.

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Mat Pilates

Joseph Pilates goal was to strengthen the mind and body using his original repertoire.  This involved 34 exercises designed to work the whole body, concentrating on the front, back, sides, mid region and glutes which is ofter referred to as “the powerhouse / core”.  The careful sequencing of the exercises lead to improved strength and flexibility.

Group mat classes are a blend of the original exercises, with modern functional movements that will strengthen, stretch & release tension the body while improving mental function.  Low back pain, neck pain, hip & knee mobility can all be improved with Pilates.  You are welcome to treat the group mat class as a way of exploring how to move your body that gets you close to the original repertoire.  You don’t need to be perfect, good technique comes with time and practice.

Classes are mixed ability; beginners are welcome in all sessions as well as those who wish to add a challenge.  To book a group mat class get in touch.

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Online / Virtual 

Online/virtual classes are also available, perfect if you are not able to make a group or studio class.  These classes are 50 minutes in length and are a mix of strength, endurance and functional exercises aswell as the original repertoire.  If you attend a group mat face to face class, and you need to stay home you can take the class in your own living room so you don't miss out!  Online classes are a live feed from the group mat class offered on the day and you can have your camera on or off - whatever suits you best.

Please note there are currently no online classes.

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Group mat Pilates classes

Mondays 09:30: Neasham Reading Room, DL2 1QX

All Reformer classes are held at the fully equipped Pilates Studio:
Room 16, Blackwell Business Centre, 1 Blackwell Lane, Darlington, DL3 8QF

Group mat classes £32 per month by GoCardless - get in touch to book your space.  Online link also available if you need to stay home, please let me know ahead of class if you choose this option.


All mat & reformer / equipment classes are 50 minutes long.

Please note the Reformer studio is up one flight of stairs and there are no lifts.  

There is parking available for clients behind the building and street parking in front and in surrounding streets.  Please be considerate for residents in the area.